J .  B e r n a r d  R i c e 

May 2003—Current Chairman and Co-Founder Best Practice Networks, Inc., offering a new economic model to public education. Responsible for BPN financial plan and investment community relationships. Development of education program proposals for states and large districts. 2000  2003 EVP, Riverdeep Inc.  Executive Management of Revenue engine for Riverdeep  Leadership role in Special Needs and Literacy reform for company. Responsible for Business development and relationship with Government Leaders.  1998 -2000 CEO , Edmark Inc. , IBM Subsidiary; 1996-1998 IBM VP Business Development Responsible for new marketing development in IBM’s small business and consumer arenas.  General Manager of IBM’s Partnership with Worldbook and Crayola  for the development of leadership software and online capabilities.  1994-1995 CFO / Partner Fireworks Partners Senior Financial executive responsible for business plan and financial recommendations regarding IBM new market investments   1990-1993 CFO , Southern Area , IBM  United States  Executive responsible for all finance, planning, Information technology, administration and operations for IBM’s $3B + Southern Area. Orchestrated business model and plan for IBM’s $80M investment in 1996 Olympic games.  1989-1990 Executive Assistant, IBM US Chief Financial Officer  IBM United States CFO’s liaison to all division presidents and their financial executives regarding financial issue resolution and planning work.  1987-1988 Senior Financial Analyst, IBM Corporate Resources and Services  Senior analyst responsible for restructuring recommendations to IBM Senior Management.  Led financial restructuring implementations plans in US, Europe and Asia. Managed hiring release pr ocess ensuring resource investments optimization based on global priorities. 1984-1987 Financial Management – IBM Software Group  IBM Finance manager responsible for financial staff to support 5 IBM programming laboratories  Architect of Consolidated Software financial plans and budgets for one of IBM’s fastest growing business.  1980- 1983 Regional Marketing Manager – IBM Southeast Region  Managed sales programs for 6 states enabling key financial selling skills improvement to key sales leaders   1977-1980 IBM Account Representative  IBM Medical Specialist focused on selling IBM office systems solutions to medical community in the city of Atlanta Leading sales revenue pr oducer in Southern region in 1979.   IBM Hundred Percent club each year on quota.

1972-1976 St Anselm’s College B.S. Economics, Manchester N.H.  1977-1977 MBA Finance and Marketing, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.  1982 Presidents Program, Harvard University, IBM Executive Development, Cambridge Ma.
1987 Wharton Executive Marketing Program, IBM Corporate Marketing.