Lollies Sakuze, BA Biography
Psycho-social Support for Children and Youth

Ms. Sakuze was born in North Western Botswana. She hold a bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Environmental Science with the University of Botswana. Ms. Sakuze enjoys working with different people. Working with children is the best part of her life,  they are her inspiration and our future. She worked with government of Botswana, under the ministry  of local areas (Hukuntsi Sub-District Council), as a community development officer.  Her main job  was to provide psychosocial therapy to vulnerable children especially the orphan
and help those living in poverty to uplift their lifestyles through engaging them in economic generating  projects. Ms Sakuze is committed to  education and believe knowledge should be shared.
This belief into action through volunteering in humanitarian work. She believes she  can make a difference even if in only in one child’s life in Africa and the world.

Ms Sakuze  has worked as a volunteer at Thamalakane primary school in Maun, Botswana,  with students to develop an appreciation for reading and learning. She also organized a debating  club for primary school youth. Topics they debated included issues as how to address HIV/AIDS
problem and how to tackle poverty in their own communities.

Ms Skauze's  deepest passion is helping the needy. It is the value that was instilled by my family
who taught me to share her talents above all else.
Ms Sakuze's motto is: "Preparation and planning are two cheap tickets to prosperity".