Ms. Abigail Oppong

Ms. Abigail Oppong

Abigail Oppong is a humanitarian young African lady who passionately to love to join hands with NGO’ in Africa to help save more life.

Abigail Oppong believes what she knows will improve the work she does. Challenges of life as a young African lady, growing up in the continent of Africa has given her a much-presented experience to make give back to community.

Abigail Oppong has worked at Young Africa Women in Leadership (YAWL), Ghana as the general secretary helping to recruit and help empower more women in Africa and the world at large. As the Director of communication and Development at Tieme Ndo, I help farmers with their mode of communication that will help them develop their farms. Alongside this, she has also volunteered for several NGO’s that seeks to empower women, children and youth.

Abigail is skilled at Information Technology, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Humanitarian, leadership and a whole lot of skills that enables her do what she pursues to help community.

Abigail is pursuing her bachelor’s degree majoring at Management Information Studies from Ashesi University, a class of 2021.